Buy Reusable Dry Sheets for Your Little One

New parents, are you listening? Don’t you wish that there was an easy solution rather than to change your baby’s wet sheets every often? Wet sheets are not only uncomfortable but also unhygienic. If you forget or delay changing them, they can lead to skin rashes. Besides, wet sheets emit an unhygienic smell that can make your baby cry.

So, what is the solution? You can never prevent babies from wetting their sheets! It’s too early for bathroom training and little ones tend to have a lot of fluid diet.

The Solution to Bed Wetting is Here

The solution is to use reusable dry sheets. Do you know that these sheets can absorb water which is eight times their weight? This means, that instead of changing your baby’s sheets the next eight times, you have to change the reusable sheet only once!

These sheets are extremely easy to maintain. Always make sure that you are buying at least two packs of these reusable sheets. Even when you are washing one, you can still use the other one with confidence.  

These sheets are available in various colors. You would love how they add a splash of color to the baby’s surroundings. They are super comfortable for the baby, and you will seldom hear your little one cry due to skin wetness.

What Makes These Dry Sheets So Special

What is the specialty of these dry sheets? Do they use harmful chemicals that may absorb the wetness but cause adverse effects on the baby’s skin? You would be happy to know that no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

These sheets have two layers. The first, or upper layer, is made of organic polycotton. It is super soft and comfortable. Since cotton is breathable, it easily wickers away the wetness to the second inner layer. This inner layer is made of TPU water-resistant fabric which absorbs the water and keeps your baby dry for hours at stretch.  

These sheets are very easy to maintain. You can use any standard detergent to wash them in the washing machine. Just put them in the tumble-dry mode, and they will be ready in a few minutes. If it is more convenient, you can also hand wash these sheets.

How to Place Your Baby on These Dry Sheets

You must place your baby on the right side of the sheets. Always remember to keep the organic polycotton layer on top, and not the other way around. This layer is made extra soft so that your baby can enjoy sitting on it. Also, these sheets are available in four different sizes. Whether you have your baby sleeping in the crib or on the bed, there’s a sheet for every use.

When your baby sleeps, you have to gently lift him and place the sheet. You can also place the sheets first then place the sleeping baby on them. Once you have them in the right position, there is no need to worry. A single sheet can sustain wetness for the entire night.

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